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Brazil In-Depth and Incredible

Journey through Brazil's coastal jewels starting from Santos, taking in Rio's vibrant allure, Buzios' beachside paradise, and the rich culture of Salvador de Bahia. Continue to Recife, Fortaleza, and conclude with the enigma of Devil's Island and Bridgetown.

Cruise Only
13 nights

Luxury Holiday
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Buzios, Brazil
Fortaleza, Brazil
Bridgetown, Barbados

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Brazil is a wonderland where waterfalls roar, rainforests thrive and horses thunder across the wild pampas.

Sail with us as we trace an emerald coast, mapping one stunning highlight after the next. Multi-sensory and mind-bending explorations await in São Paulo, where pre-journey experiences may find you delving deep into the continent’s interior. An escape as pure as the sea. Famous beaches. Deep tans. Rio de Janeiro pulses with a certain way of living, laughing, and loving.

We breeze into Buzios where Brigitte Bardot decamped in 1964, forever changing the once sleepy fishing village into a refuge for starlets and royals. We savour the vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture of Salvador. Step inside colonial churches covered in gold and a UNESCO 16th-century village in Recife. Drive rolling sand dunes in Fortaleza along massive beaches and a stunning skyline. Then cross the Equator to discover the Napoleonic mysteries of Devil’s Island and British naval victories of Bridgetown.

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Brazil In-Depth and Incredible Itinerary

Day 1 - Santos

“Sampa” is everything on a grand scale. It is Brazil’s largest city and the world’s seventh most populated. With its trademark wide avenues and Manhattan-like skyline, São Paulo is a vibrant financial centre offering a cosmopolitan coalescence of world-class restaurants, a world-renowned arts scene, and a rich architectural tradition ranging from neo-Gothic to modernist to colonial. The club scene is 24/7 where sertanejo and samba set the mood. You’ll find the city the perfect place to linger longer before or after your journey or venture further inland to experience Iguazzu Falls, one of the world’s wonders, El Calafate in Patagonia, where you can trek to the birthplace of glaciers, or the Amazon Rainforest to behold the “lungs of the earth”.

Day 2 - Rio de Janeiro

‘Cidade Maravilhosa’, the Marvellous City, Rio constantly finds ways to surprise – whether it’s the tropical rainforest within, Tijuca National Park, the soul-stirring views from towering Christ the Redeemer or Sugarloaf Mountain. Marvel at the unique “favela” neighbourhoods that are precariously stacked up-and-down hillsides or the spectacular, modernist Niemeyer-designed architecture. Home to legendary Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and the mind-blowing spectacle of Rio Carnival in February, the entire city seems to sway to the infectious rhythms of samba. An astonishing depth of discovery few cities in the world offer.

Day 3 - Buzios

Breeze into Buzios like French starlet Brigitte Bardot did in 1964 and discover a honeypot of cinematic beaches and a sea of sensual overload. Snorkel in a dreamy dance amongst coral coves. Reel-and-release mighty game fish or board a speedboat for off-shore sunning with Brazilian cocktails. Shop with the well-heeled along Rua das Pedras avenue; saunter with the locals down Orla Bardot boardwalk; or sauté a bounty of Buzios delicacies with a convivial Master Chef. God bless, indeed.

Day 5 - Salvador de Bahia

Colours explode around you, the sun sparkles and the people — all sexy. Set on a pretty peninsula, stunning beaches surround Brazil's first capital. African slaves were brought here to build it into one of the most opulent cities in the New World. Colonial Pelourinho, a UNESCO heritage site, commemorates this history. Its cobblestone streets wind past brightly coloured buildings, squares filled with musicians and dancers. One of the world’s biggest carnivals raves in February. Indulge in fantastic food, Moqueca and caipirinha cocktails, samba and capoeira in the pulsing epicentre of Afro-Brazilian culture.

Day 7 - Recife

An oasis within the oasis of Brazil, Recife struts to its own magical multi-cultural appeal: delve into the short stint of Dutch rule; wander the colourful UNESCO museum-city of Olinda to fall on your knees in a church adorned in pure gold then browse folkloric arte-sanato in a former prison turned artist haven. Float down picturesque waterways that slither through the city’s cosmopolitan centre or quaff cooling coconut water along the Boa Viagem, a jaw-dropping 8-kilometre stretch of pearly-sand beach that is strung between gleaming skyscrapers and cobalt sea.

Day 9 - Fortaleza

Two words define the capital of Ceará State: sun and party. In this “City of Light”, prevalent sunny skies reign over 25 kilometres of glistening white beaches punctuated with palm trees, lagoons, dunes and stunning red cliffs. For two centuries, Fortaleza was a sleepy fishing village preserved in its candy-coloured cultural centre. Now, it is a vital port brimming a creative spirit for fashion, art and imaginative thinking. Groove to a resort vibe fuelled by the national cocktail, cachaca, and the endemic e-music, Farro, for the perfect combination of sun, sand, and sea.

Day 12 - Devil's Island

At first glance, Devil’s Island looks like paradise. Dotted with towering palm trees and surrounded by sparkling waters, this idyllic isle was once where Emperor Napoleon III imprisoned his enemies. Immortalised in “Papillon,” the hauntingly beautiful ruins hold secrets one shudders to imagine. Discover the mysteries for yourself on footpaths that ring the island and lead to ghostly churches built by prisoners. All that remains is the pristine jungle teaming with peacocks and monkeys, brilliant bougainvillea and butterflies. As you leave Devil’s Island, you realise you will forever be prisoner to its beauty.

Day 14 - Bridgetown

Gently breeze into the vibrant capital of Barbados. Steeped in fascinating history, with architecture to match, uncover the wonderfully laid-back West Indian ambiance. Embrace the slow Bajan rhythm of this welcoming island; surf, snorkel and try spotting turtles in balmy azure waters. Explore subterranean Harrison’s Cave, Jacobean St Nicholas Abbey and zipline high above bountiful tropical flora. Then return to restore on pastel pink sands at palm-studded beaches, where you’ll discover cocktail hour is endless, and measures of rum are copious.


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