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Cruises to Indonesia and Borneo are a wonderful opportunity to see a dazzling variety of rare flora and fauna, exotic temples and remote areas of dramatic natural beauty.

Cruise Collection 2022/ 2023/ 2024

Finding Cruises
  • 11-night Bali & Western Australia Voyage

    Azamara Quest
    Pura Ulun Danu Bratan At Bali Indonesia 11 Nights Cruise Only from £1473pp Singapore, Benoa, Bali, Geraldton, Western Australia, Fremantle, Western Australia
  • 16-night Western Australia To Asia

    Azamara Journey
    Hong Kong 16 Nights Cruise Only from £2312pp Fremantle, Western Australia, Geraldton, Western Australia, Benoa, Bali, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Hong Kong
  • 20-night Ancient Trade Routes Voyage

    Azamara Onward
    Colombo, Sri Lanka 20 Nights Cruise Only from £3445pp Singapore, Port Klang, Sabang, Weh Island, Hambantota, Colombo, Cochin, Mumbai (ex Bombay), Muscat, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Dubai
  • 21-night Astounding Australia and Asia Voyage

    Azamara Onward
    Great Barrier Reef, Queensland 21 Nights Cruise Only from £4181pp Sydney, New South Wales, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Queensland, Alotau, Madang, Koror, Manila, Hong Kong
  • Bangkok to Bali and Beyond

    Viking Ocean Cruises
    Viking Orion
    Bangkok 14 Nights Fly Cruise from £4290pp Flexible booking policy - Ask for details! UK - Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore, Jakarta (Java), Semarang, Surabaya, Bali (Indonesia) - UK
  • Komodo and the Australian Coast

    Viking Ocean Cruises
    Viking Orion
    Bali 16 Nights Flexible booking policy - Ask for details! UK - Bali (Indonesia), Lombok, Komodo, Darwin (Australia), Thursday Island, Cairns, Townsville, Whitsunday Island, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney - UK  
  • South Pacific Sojourn

    Viking Ocean Cruises
    Viking Orion
    Sydney, Australia 31 Nights Flexible booking policy - Ask for details! UK - Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Singapore, Jakarta (Java, Indonesia), Semarang, Surabaya, Bali (Benoa), Lombok (Indonesia), Komodo, Darwin (Australia), Thursday Island, Cairns, Townsville, Whitsunday Island, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney - UK  
  • Radiance Of Thailand

    Regent Seven Seas
    Seven Seas Explorer
    Ko Samui 15 Nights FREE 3-night land programme in Bali or Hong Kong! UK - Benoa (Bali, Indonesia), Cruising the Java Sea, Cruising the South China Sea, Singapore, Cruising the South China Sea, Ko Samui (Thailand), Bangkok, Sihanoukville (Cambodia), Cruising the South China Sea, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Nha Trang, Cruising the South China Sea, Hong Kong, Hong Kong - UK  

About Indonesia Cruises


Indonesia covers a vast area separating the Indian Ocean and the northern Pacific with a with more than 17,000 islands, including Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, western New Guinea and Bali. 

A richly diverse nation of different cultures and religions, elaborate oriental architecture and exotic natural beauty, Indonesia is renowned for its warm and friendly welcome.

Highlights include Java Island, the 15th-century Sam Po Kong Temple in Semarang and the wonderful World Heritage Site of Borobudor Temple.


The island of Bali is known as the “island of the gods” and loved for its beaches, tolerant locals, dramatic mountains, temples and rice paddies, and exotic dance performances from epic Hindu tales. 

To the east, the Gili Islands are a paradise of tranquillity with few cars and stunning wildlife. Snorkellers can spot Hawksbill turtles, bumphead parrotfish and manta rays swimming in the turquoise waters of the Java Sea. In the Lesser Sunda Islands, Komodo Island is one of the few remaining habitats of the formidable Komodo Dragon and home to a dazzling variety of exotic plants.


Borneo is the third largest island in the world and one of the most biodiverse areas on earth. The Kalimantan provinces belong to Indonesia, while the states of Sarawak and Sabah are Malaysian territory, and the remaining areas Bruneian territory. The island has a series of mountain ranges, including the Muller, Crocker and Kapuas Hulu Mountains, as well as several rivers, vital for trade and home to remote tribal communities.

Scientists have been fascinated by the island of Borneo for hundreds of years, and it has played a vital role in the theory of evolution. The tropical rainforest is home to thousands of endemic mammal and plant species, including the Bornean orangutan. The orangutan population has dramatically declined in recent years due to deforestation and poaching, so rehabilitation centres have been set up in the rainforest in an effort to protect this endangered species.

Other species living on the island include pygmy elephants, clouded leopards and eastern Sumatran rhinoceroses. Around 15,000 plant species thrive on Borneo, from the Rafflesia plants which produce the world's largest flowers measuring up to one metre wide, to the thousands of wild orchids. Some of the island's plants have been used in medical research, providing potential cures for certain types of cancer and strains of HIV.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the eastern portion of New Guinea, on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire. A natural wonderland of rugged mountain terrain, rainforest and vast areas of wetland, Papua New Guinea’s unique natural heritage was shown when an expedition into the huge crater of extinct volcano Mount Bosavi in 2009 uncovered numerous new species held captive by its 3000-ft walls, including a frog with fangs, geckos and a tree kangaroo.

Head-hunting and cannibalism played an important part in ceremonial and ritual practices in Papua New Guinea up until the 1950s, when after contact with the outside world it largely died out.

Komodo Dragon Rabaul Tuvurvur Volcano Papua New Guinea Mud Men Bird of Paradise

Indonesia Highlights


Alotau is the capital of Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea, and the gateway to its remote islands and coral reef. Close to the harbour are markets selling fruit, seafood and staple goods for the local population, with more facilities in town. This area was the scene of fierce fighting in 1942 between the Allied Forces and the Japanese. There is a war memorial in the town


The resort island of Bali has two main ports, Benoa and Pedang Bay, both in the south. North of Pedang Bay is the Blue Lagoon, a reef rich in marine life, and both ports are close to the sandy beaches for which Bali is famous. Inland are paddy fields, rain forests and volcanoes. Sights include the murals at Kerta Gosa Courthouse and 13th-century Kehen Temple in Pedang.

Bali (Indonesia)


The island of Java is the administrative and economic heart of Indonesia. In the northern port of Semarang is Sam Po Kong temple, built during the Ming Dynasty, and beyond, the World Heritage Site of Borobudur, one of the finest Buddhist temples in the world. Shoppers will find a wide variety of crafts and antiques in Jakarta. The rural scenery is dominated by a string of volcanoes, beaches and tropical islands off the north coast.

Java (Semarang, Indonesia)

Komodo Island

The Indonesian island of Komodo is one of the few places to see the remarkable Komodo Dragon, the world's heaviest lizard which grows up to 10 feet and a weight of 200lbs. Visitors can observe them soaking up the sun on the riverbanks from the safety of a protective enclosure. Komodo also has a dazzling variety of exotic plants, coral reefs, mangroves and a population of orange-footed scrub fowl and Timor deer.

Komodo Island (Indonesia)


This picturesque port is close to the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea and is a popular destination for divers, with an array of lagoons, outer islands and reefs. There are views to the Bismarck and Finisterre mountains across farmland, and Madang's local market sells jewellery made from shells, carvings, and pots made in the surrounding villages. The film 'Robinson Crusoe' was shot in Balek Wildlife Sanctuary, where you will find jungle walks, caves and hot springs

Madang (Papua New Guinea)


Rabaul port is on the northern coast of Papua New Guinea's largest island, New Britain Island, which is covered by tropical rainforest and surrounded by coral reefs. The town was rebuilt after World War II, but heavily damaged by the eruption of Tavurvur in 1994. An extensive tunnel network was built by the Japanese around Simpson Harbour, and the Kokopo War and Cultural Museum has a collection of Japanese war relics.

Rabaul (Papua New Guinea)


Located in western Indonesia, Sumatra is an island of extraordinary beauty with towering volcanoes and dense jungles home to an abundance of wildlife. Many species are endangered including the Sumatran tiger, Sumatran elephant and Sumatran orangutan.

Ujung Pandang

Ujung Pandang has been renamed Makassar, and is the largest city on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Fort Rotterdam on the waterfront is a remnant of Indonesia's Dutch colonial past, and now houses the La Galigo Museum. Makassar is also the site for one of the world's largest indoor theme parks, Trans Studio. The cluster of islands offshore can be admired from Losari beach and its Esplanade, and in Paotere Port, schooners and traditional local boats frequently tie up along the quay.