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Nile River Cruises

Nile River Cruises

Discover the spectacular history and mighty monuments of the ancient Egyptians on the River Nile, Egypt’s lifeline since ancient times. Cruise between Luxor and Aswan, where little seems to have changed since the time of the pharaohs, and experience the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Relax in luxurious surroundings whilst seeing different awe-inspiring sights every day, a truly unforgettable experience.

Cruise Collection 2021/ 2022

Finding Cruises
  • Wonders of the Nile

    Riviera Travel
    Movenpick Darakum
    Sphinx 14 Nights Fly Cruise from £3890pp UK - Cairo (Egypt), Cruising the River Nile, Tuna El Gebel - Beni Hassan, Amarna, Cruising the River Nile, Abydos, Dendera, Luxor West Bank, Karnak and Luxor Temples, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Aswan - UK

    Visit the legendary Pyramids and enigmatic Sphinx at Giza, discover the lesser-known Step Pyramid and explore the Valley of the Kings on this incredible cruise along the River Nile. Includes shore excursions and return flights from London Heathrow

  • Pharaohs and Pyramids

    Viking River Cruises
    Choice of Ships
    Sphinx 11 Nights Fly Cruise from £4665pp Save £1500 per couple on 2022 departures! UK - Cairo (Egypt), Cairo - Luxor, Qena, Esna, Aswan, Edfu - Luxor, Cairo - UK

    Uncover the secrets of ancient Egypt, see the Great Pyramids on a camel, enjoy a traditional felucca boat ride and explore Aswan's spice market on this River Nile cruise with hotel stays in Cairo. Includes return flights from the UK and excursions

  • Cairo and Ancient Egypt

    Emerald Waterways
    Abu Simbel 9 Nights Exclusive Blue Water Savings of up to £1600 per couple! UK - Cairo (Egypt), Cairo - Luxor, Dendera - Luxor, Kom Ombo, Abu Simel - Aswan, Cairo, Cairo - UK  
  • Cairo to Amman

    Emerald Waterways
    Abu Simbel 14 Nights Exclusive Blue Water Savings of up to £1600 per couple! UK - Cairo (Egypt), Cairo - Luxor, Dendera - Luxor, Kom Ombo, Abu Simel - Aswan, Cairo, Cairo - Amman (Jordan), Amman - Wadi Rum - Petra, Petra - Dead Sea, Amman - UK  
  • Israel and Ancient Egypt

    Emerald Waterways
    Tel Aviv 15 Nights Exclusive Blue Water Savings of up to £1600 per couple! UK – Tel Aviv (Israel), Haifa – Acre – Galilee, Galilee – Jerusalem, Cairo (Egypt), Cairo - Luxor, Dendera - Luxor, Esna - Kom Ombo, Abu Simel - Aswan, Aswan - Cairo, Cairo - UK  
  • Treasures of Egypt

    Sanctuary Sun Boat III
    Abu Simbel 12 Nights Exclusive Blue Water Savings of up to £2000 per couple! UK - Giza (Egypt), Giza - Luxor, Dendera - Luxor, Kom Ombo, Aswan, Aswan - Abu Simbel - Cairo, Cairo - UK  
  • Essence of Egypt and Jordan

    Sanctuary Sun Boat III
    Petra 20 Nights Exclusive Blue Water Savings of up to £2000 per couple! UK - Giza (Egypt), Giza - Luxor, Dendera - Luxor, Edfu - Kom Ombo, Aswan, Aswan - Abu Simbel - Cairo, Cairo - Amman (Jordan), Amman - Wadi Rum, Wadi Rum - Petra, Petra - Dead Sea, Dead Sea - Amman, Amman - UK  

About Nile Cruises

For the experience of a lifetime sail down the magical Nile past famous pyramids, tombs and temples, to discover the greatest and oldest of all the ancient civilizations.

Many Nile river cruises include a hotel stay in Cairo, the heart of modern-day Egypt. Right in the centre of Cairo, the Egyptian Museum houses many priceless treasures including the Tutankhamun exhibition. Just outside the city are the iconic Great Pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza, as well as the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara - at over 4,600 years ago, this is Egypt’s first proper pyramid, and considered to be the oldest stone building in the world.

From the historic city of Luxor, you can explore the famous Valley of the Kings, the final resting place of Pharaohs, including Tutankhamun. See the majestic Temple of Karnak complex, the ancient healing centre of Dendera and the unusual double temple of Kom Ombo. The wonders of Aswan include the Unfinished Obelisk and the beautiful Philae Temple complex - a great contrast to the huge Aswan High Dam, a marvel of modern engineering.

The Sphinx The Great Pyramid of Giza

Nile Highlights


Aswan is the home of the Nubian people. The monumental Aswan High Dam is a marvel of modern engineering and created Lake Nasser, one of the world’s largest man-made lakes. Discover the beautiful Osiris temple complex of Philae which was moved to the island of Agilika to save it from the rising waters of Lake Nasser. Visit the stone quarries to see the enormous Unfinished Obelisk, commissioned by Queen Hatshepsut, which would have been the largest obelisk ever attempted if it had been completed.


Port Said at the head of the Suez Canal is the main gateway for Cairo, a busy and chaotic city of mosques, palaces, bazaars and shops. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities has over 100,000 relics, including objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun. The market of Khan Al-Khalili, the revolving restaurant in the Cairo Tower and the Mosque of Sultan Hassan are among the city sights, the main highlight being the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx on the edge of the city.

Cairo (Egypt)


Dendera was an ancient healing centre where pilgrims came for miraculous cures, to bathe in the sacred waters and to commune with the gods in their dreams. The Temple of Hathor is one of the most complete in all of Egypt and is dedicated to Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love and healing.


Edfu was a prosperous city in ancient Egypt. The atmospheric Temple of Horus (also known as the Temple of Edfu) is dedicated to Horus, the falcon-headed god, and is considered to be the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt, thanks to the desert sand which covered it after paganism was banned.

Edfu (Egypt)


The magnificent Temple of Karnak is a vast complex which took 2,000 years to complete and was considered one of the most sacred sites in Egypt. Buried under sand for a thousand years, the site consists of three main temples and several outer temples. Stroll amongst the gigantic columns, vast halls and broad avenues lined with stone sphinxes to truly experience what life was like in ancient Egypt.

Karnak (Egypt)

Luxor Temple

Perhaps the most beautiful stone temple is Luxor Temple, one of the best-preserved ancient monuments. The temple was constructed by the pharaoh Amenhotep III and Tutankhamen, then developed by Ramesses II and Alexander the Great. The temple was the focus of the important religious Opet Festival, when the cult statues of Amun, Mut and Khonsu travelled from the temple complex of Karnak along the Avenue of the Sphinxes to Luxor.

Luxor Temple (Egypt)


Saqqara, City of the Dead, is a vast burial ground which served as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Saqqara features numerous pyramids, including the world-famous Step Pyramid which, at 4,600 years old, is the oldest all-stone structure in the world and was also the world’s first pyramid. The unusual Bent Pyramid, named for its change in angle half way to its peak, was the first pyramid to be constructed with smooth sides.

Saqqara (Egypt)

Valley of the Kings

One of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, the Valley of the Kings was used for royal burials for nearly 500 years and is home to the mummified remains of the boy king Tutankhamen. The elaborate tombs were well stocked with material goods a ruler might need in the afterlife, food and drink for royal feasting in the next world, and sacred objects to help achieve eternal life.