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Amazon Expedition Cruises

Explore the mighty Amazon river deep into the heart of the rainforest on our exciting adventure cruises

The mighty Amazon River winds for 4,080 miles and stretches from its source just 100 miles from the Pacific in the Peruvian Andes, across Brazil to Belem on South America’s Atlantic coast. The Amazon is home to the richest variety of life on the planet, and the vast tropical rainforest of Brazil is a treasure trove of extraordinary plants and animals, many yet to be discovered.

  • Meeting of the Waters: Amazon and Rio Negro
  • The clear waters of the Rio Negro
  • Toucan in the Amazon Rain Forest

About Amazon Cruises

The Amazon is home to the richest variety of life on the planet, and the vast tropical rainforest of Brazil is a treasure trove of extraordinary plants and animals, many yet to be discovered. This vast river system can be navigated by large ocean ships up to Manaus in northern Brazil, whereas smaller, more intrepid vessels are needed to explore the tropical wilderness further upstream. 

From the Amazon’s mid-point at Manaus, the 18-passenger MY Tucano ventures 200 miles up the Rio Negro to explore small tributaries and see abundant flora and fauna at close quarters, with naturalist guides, observe exotic birds, anteaters, caiman and porcupines.

Luxury expedition ship MS Hanseatic is one of the few vessels with a draft shallow enough to sail the length of the navigable Amazon beyond Manaus – a distance of 2250 miles. The wild and undisturbed section of river west of Manaus is little-explored, and this itinerary is a rare opportunity to venture deep into the rainforest from MS Hanseatic’s fleet of zodiacs. Accompanied by expert guides, visit hidden villages, discover exotic wildlife and a dazzling variety of plant species.

A massive tree in the AmazonThe Amazon Rain Forest

Cruise Collection 2018 / 2019 / 2020

  • Amazon Expedition

    6 Nights - Manaus and Back

    Tucano Tucano

    Discover an abundance of flora and fauna, explored untouched rainforest and learn about this unique environment from the naturalists on board on this 6-night Amazon expedition on board 18-passenger Tucano 2018 - Dec

    Rio Negro Cruise Only
    From £3479pp
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  • Amazon Explorer

    28 Nights - Fort Lauderdale and Back

    Prinsendam Prinsendam

    This once-in-a-lifetime voyage on board Prinsendam visits the idyllic Caribbean islands of St Maarten, Guadeloupe and Barbados, before heading to the traditional towns and villages dotted along the mighty Amazon river

    Guadeloupe Cruise Only
    From £4849pp
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  • Natural Wonders of the Amazon

    12 Nights - Cayenne to Manaus

    Le Champlain Le Champlain

    Explore the Amazon river and cross the Equator on this fascinating luxury expedition cruise on new ship La Champlain, with Zodiac trips for close encounters with unique wildlife 2018 - Dec 2019 - Mar

    Amazon river Cruise Only
    From £6078pp
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  • Magical Amazon

    17 Nights - Iquitos to Belem

    Hanseatic Inspiration Hanseatic Inspiration

    Join brand new ship Hanseatic Inspiration on this unique expedition along the mighty Amazon river, home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Includes exciting Zodiac excursions accompanied by experienced guides and a charter flight from Lima to Iquitos 2020 - Apr Save 5% PLUS exclusive £100pp Blue Water discount!

    Amazon zodiac excursion Cruise Only
    From £9476pp
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Amazon Highlights

Iles du Salut

One of these small islands was once a penal colony where Dreyfus was held, and famous as the setting for the novel and film, 'Papillon'. The prison was shut down in 1953, and the islands are now a popular tourist destination.

Iles du Salut (French Guiana)


The thriving city of Manaus on the Amazon River is a mixture of high-rise and 19th-century buildings, rising from the jungle. The elegant and colourful Palacio Rio Negro was renovated in the 1980's, and contains works by Brazilian artists and fine furniture. Other buildings of note include the magnificent Teatro Amazonas, and the Mercado Municipal, built in Gothic style with stained-glass windows, and housing a busy food market.

Manaus (Brazil)


Parintins is a small city populated by Amazonian Indians, situated on Tupinambarana Island. The harbour is next to a flea market selling wood carvings, paintings and lace, and a colourful floating market. Close by is Parintins' Cathedral. Visitors are often welcomed by Bumbas Dancers, as seen in the annual June Bois Bumbas Festival. Further west, there are sandy beaches at Alter de Chao, and water buffaloes, herons and iguanos are often seen on the river-bank at Guajara.

Customer Reviews

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    Canoe trip
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    Manaus Opera House

We have just got back from Brazil, the holiday was fantastic and everything we expected and more! The boat was not 5 star luxury but just what you would expect and the food was superb. The guides were very good and knew their stuff. The evening canoe trips were magic, the sounds and smells of the rainforest. I would recommend it to anyone but you have to be fairly fit and not expect hot and cold running water (you shower in chlorinated river water) and luxury.

It is an active holiday in that you do several canoe trips or walks daily and you are up at 5.30 every morning to get the best of the morning wildlife. There was a good mix of people - we English, Canadians, Americans and Australians. We think that we experienced the true Amazon, animals, birds, insects etc were just as they should be and we had to work hard to find them as you would expect - these animals haven't evolved over millions of years to pop out for the tourists (as I did say when someone said they would have liked it if the pink dolphins had danced around the boat)! One piece of advice I would give for women is not to take your expensive underwear as you do have to swill it out in river water, don't bother to take too many clothes - it is far too hot (and informal) to wear anything other than shorts on the boat, and you definitely need long trousers and long sleeved clothes for the walks in the rainforest, I didn't use my hairdryer or wear makeup - it is not the kind of holiday where these things are necessary and a waste of case space. Mosquitoes weren't too troublesome on the Rio Negro, but Malarone still necessary.

I feel that so much of the trip you cannot capture with a camera, just being in the rainforest is an experience in itself - the smells and sounds.  The canoe trips are a significant part of the holiday as you have to use them to get on and off the boat.  I wouldn't spend too much money on long trousers and shirts as you have to wash them in the shower when you get back from the rainforest walks and they dry on the top deck of the boat, I used the same set each time. You have to shower when you get back for hygiene reasons and also because it is so humid (85%) you sweat profusely. You won't be the height of fashion but neither will anyone else! I would take three pairs of shorts and several T shirts. Good walking trainers or shoes are essential and the crew wash and brush these after each rainforest walk -  but on the boat I wore my walking sandals.
The opera house in Manaus is quite interesting but Manaus is a hot, busy and industrial city.
Anyway, thankyou for your help in organising the holiday - trip to remember.


"AMAZON CRUISE" by ryoffey5 star

The hotel at Manaus has seen better days but the cruise was excellent. There were only six of us on board, three couples, in a boat that could take eighteen people. If full probably overcrowded.

The food and staff excellent and the guide and organised trips each day full and varied. No complaints at all.

We flew Varig who have emerged after bankrupcy. No in flight entertainment, service OK. We got there and home more or less on time but the good news at half the price at least from any other airline, £710 return from LHR to Manaus via Sao Paulo return.

We stopped over at Rio for five days, well worth the trip

Richards and Lesley Yoffey