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Cruise Japan and the Russian Far East

Explore the bustling cities of Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, and the picturesque Kuril Archipelago on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire on a cruise to Japan and the Russian Far East.

Stroll around the ancient samurais’ district and visit the beautiful Kenroku Garden with its cascading waterfalls in the city of Kanazawa.

  • Miyajima Torii Gate
  • Kamchatka Volcanoes
  • Osaka

Cruise Collection 2019 / 2020 / 2021

  • Russia and the Baltic Sea

    10 Nights - Copenhagen to Stockholm

    Viking Sky Viking Sky

    Discover the jewels of the Baltic including Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tallinn and Copenhagen on this 10-night cruise. Includes return flights from the UK, shore excursions and overseas transfers. 2019 - Apr, May 2020 - May, Jul Save up to £500pp PLUS free gratuities!

    Tallinn, Estonia Fly Cruise Package
    From £3590pp
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  • Ancestral Japan

    12 Nights - Manila to Osaka

    Le Laperouse Le Laperouse

    Join Le Lapérouse in Manila and voyage between the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan on this 12-night cruise to discover stunning scenery, traditional villages and fascinating histories. Includes an open bar throughout the cruise and a specialised on board lecturer. 2020 - Sep Save up to 20% PLUS exclusive £50pp Blue Water discount!

    Downtown Hiroshima, Japan Cruise Only
    From £3879pp
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  • Japan Intensive Voyage

    13 Nights - Tokyo and Back

    Azamara Quest Azamara Quest

    Discover a world of history, culture, natural beauty and vibrant cities on this full circle journey through Japan. This spectacular 13-night cruise includes an AzAmazing evening event, complimentary beverages and gratuities. 2019 - Apr

    Busan, South Korea Cruise Only
    From £4059pp
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  • The Legacy of World War II

    14 Nights - Hong Kong to Osaka

    Le Laperouse Le Laperouse

    Uncover the history of China and Japan and learn more about World War II in the Pacific on this luxury cruise, with lectures from expert historians and a meeting with survivors at Hiroshima's Peace Museum. Includes pre-cruise hotel stay in Hong Kong 2019 - Sep Save up to 25% PLUS exclusive £50pp Blue Water discount!

    Holy Torii Gate Cruise Only
    From £5082pp
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  • The Best of Japan

    11 Nights - Osaka to Maizuru

    Le Laperouse Le Laperouse

    Set sail aboard Le Laperouse for a luxury holiday to the heart of the Land of the Rising Sun, where highlights include the majestic Shinto Miyajima shrine, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and the ancient dwellings of the samurai. Includes overnight hotel stay in Osaka or Kyoto, return flights from the UK and overseas transfers 2019 - Oct Exclusive Blue Water Package!

    Osaka Fly-Cruise Package
    From £5095pp
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  • Far East Horizons

    15 Nights - Hong Kong to Tokyo

    Viking Orion Viking Orion

    Explore China, Korea and Japan on this unforgettable journey across the Far East, where ancient traditions exist side by side with modern life. Includes return flights from the UK and shore excursions 2019 - Sep, Oct 2020 - Apr, Sep 2021 - Apr Save £500pp PLUS free gratuities!

    Hong Kong Fly Cruise Package
    From £5690pp
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  • Accent on China and Japan

    17 Nights - Hong Kong to Tokyo

    Crystal Symphony Crystal Symphony

    This unique 17-night luxury cruise on luxury ship Crystal Symphony includes overnight stops in the fascinating cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Osaka and Tokyo as well as maiden calls to scenic Hualien and the idyllic beaches of Ishigaki 2019 - May

    Hong Kong Cruise Only
    From £6670pp
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  • Far Eastern Discoveries in the Spring

    12 Nights - Hong Kong to Tokyo

    Seven Seas Voyager Seven Seas Voyager

    Discover dynamic cities, pristine beaches, ancient temples and natural wonders on this spectacular 12-night cruise through China, Taiwan and Japan. Including return flights from the UK, overseas transfers and unlimited shore excursions. 2020 - Mar FREE 3-Night Land Programme!

    Kyoto Daigoji Temple, Japan Fly Cruise Package
    From £7539pp
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  • North Pacific Passage

    24 Nights - Tokyo to Vancouver

    Viking Orion Viking Orion

    Cross the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to Vancouver on this unique 24-night holiday and uncover the mysteries of Japan, visit remote Russian cities and see mighty glaciers in Alaska's Inside Passage. Includes return flights from the UK and shore excursions 2019 - May

    Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo Fly Cruise Package
    From £7695pp
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About Japan & Russia Far East Cruises

Visit Hiroshima which has rebuilt itself after the atomic bombing in 1945. From here, you can discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine with its famous red gate or Torii. Alternatively, you can marvel at the magnificent architecture in Kobe or sample local delicacies in Osaka.

From Japan, you can explore the Russian Far East. Enjoy a helicopter ride over the scenic Valley of Geysers or visit traditional Koryak communities from the city of Petropavlovsk on the Kamchatka peninsula.

Discover the Kuril Archipelago, made up of approximately 56 islands with 40 active volcanoes. The islands boast an abundance of wildlife including red foxes and orca whales, spectacular calderas and remains of Ainu settlements.

Hiroshima Castle, Japan

Japan & Russia Far East Highlights


Aomori is situated in the Tohpku region of Japan below the Hakkoda Mountains. The prominent triangular building in the town is the Aspam tourism centre, giving details of the hot spring resort of Asamushi Onsen and rural apple orchards nearby. In Aomori is the Folklore Museum, and Ukiyoe woodblock paintings at the Munakata Shiko Museum. Accessible by train is Lake Towada and the scenic Shimokita Peninsula.

Aomori (Japan)


Now a city of broad avenues, Hiroshima was all but obliterated by the nuclear bomb dropped in 1945, and this human disaster is commemorated at the Peace Memorial, which is dedicated to the promotion of world peace. Places to visit include the re-built Hiroshima Castle, the miniature Shukkeien Garden and its tea houses, and the island of Mihajima, backed by wooded hills and famous for the huge red O-torii gate in the bay.

Hiroshima (Japan)


The lively cosmopolitan city of Kobe is associated with fashion, jazz and the highly prized Kobe Beef, and its futuristic skyscrapers house headquarters of international corporations like Mitsubishi, Nestle and Proctor and Gamble. Along with a thriving contemporary culture, Kobe has the 13th-century Taisanji temple, and the wonderful hot spring of Arima Onsen behind Mount Rokko, which can be reached by a variety of quirky funiculars, cable cars and a ropeway.


Nagasaki district is spread across 971 islands with national parks and the volcanic peak of Unzen-dake. The atmospheric Sofukuji Temple was built in 1629 for the city's Chinese residents, and Nagasaki's Shinchi Chinatown district is Japan's oldest. Nagasaki Peace Park commemorates the atomic bomb which fell on the city in August 1945, and on the hill-top at Glover Garden, mansions of British merchants are now part of an open-air museum.

Nagasaki (Japan)


South of Tokyo, Nagoya is one of Japan's largest ports and has a well-developed harbour at Garden Pier with an aquarium, malls, and the Fuji Icebreaker which explored the Antarctic in the 1960s, now a museum. Noritake and Toyota are based around Nagoya, and both have interesting public displays in the city. Atsuta Shrine is surrounded by woodland, and the re-built Nagoya Castle houses a museum.

Nagoya (Japan)


Naha is situated on Okinawa Island in the East China Sea. The main shopping mall is Palette Kumoji which can be found on Kokusai-dori, a long street of shops, restaurants and bars. 400 metres south is Tsuboya, the pottery district with workshops and museums. Shuri Castle is a World Heritage Site with an impressive, red-pillared gate, the Shureimon, and nearby is Tamaudaun Mausoleum which contains three royal burial chambers.

Naha (Japan)


Okinawa is an island in the East China Sea, and the most southerly region of Japan. The main port is Naha, where the main sights are the vermillion-coloured World Heritage Site of Shuri Castle, the pottery district of Tsuboya and the impressive Tamaudun Mausoleum with its three burial chambers. The long central street of Kokusai-dori has shops, restaurants and bars and the large Palette Kumoji shopping mall.

Okinawa (Okinawa, Japan)


With a population of over five million, Osaka is Japan's second-largest city and a thriving metropolis. The Umeda Sky Building has two towers joined by the Floating Garden Observatory on the 39th floor, and Minami is the neon-lit shopping and entertainment district. Osaka was once Japan's capital, and there are remnants of its historic past ' 16th-century Osaka Castle has been partially re-built and in its Nishinomaru Garden there are 600 cherry trees and a tea house.

Osaka (Japan)

Petropavlovsk (Russia)

Petropavlovsk is the capital of the Kamchatka region and one of the oldest towns in the Far East. Its main source of income is from the fishing industry, its delicacies being salmon and the king crab. The Kamchatka State Unified Museum outlines Kamchatka’s history and houses many fascinating exhibits.



Cruise ships arrive at the Harumi Passenger Terminal, where there are good views of Tokyo Bay, Rainbow Bridge and the futuristic skyline. Once in this lively city, the tourist attractions include the moated Imperial Palace, the mature gardens of Koishikawa Korakuen, and Asakusa, which is admired for its flavour of old Tokyo and the 7th-century Buddhist temple of Sensoji. The Ghibli Museum in Mitaka Forest has innovative displays of animation from the famous Studio Ghibli which created the film 'Princess Mononoke'.

Tokyo (Japan)


Yokohama port has an interesting construction, built below a park and flowing boardwalks. The city of waterfront high-rise buildings has Japan's largest Chinatown district, with colourful gated entrances and many food stands, and the unique Shinyokohama Raumen Museum dedicated to the history and sale of the Japanese noodle dish. Traditional Japanese landscapes and buildings are laid out in the large Sankeien garden.