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A Maiden Journey into Epic Fjords & the Arctic Circle

A Maiden Journey into Epic Fjords & the Arctic Circle

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Trondheim Norway Houses

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A Maiden Journey into Epic Fjords & the Arctic Circle Itinerary

Day 1 - Southampton

Sail into this vibrant quay with enough shops and entertainment to form its own village. Modern and lively, this coastal town bustles with waterfront restaurants, heritage charm, bars, cinemas and offers great access to other spots in the South of England. Sit back and drift through heavenly countryside to ancient Stonehenge, see if the Queen’s at home in Windsor, learn secrets from the Bombay Sapphire gin distillery or slip up to London for some rich British culture. Then enjoy a cup of tea as you reflect on formal traditions, perfect your cockney accent and recall England’s green and pleasant lands.

Day 2 - Zeebrugge

Fill your senses with wonderful Flemish flavour in UNESCO-praised Bruges. Relax amongst tree-lined canals and cobbled pathways to learn secrets of the city’s world-famous chocolate. Partake in beer tasting, beer blending and beer sinking. Explore the medieval streets of the old town for classic cathedrals, gabled facades and unique Art Deco taverns. Head out to the pretty countryside, ride along canals and shop for comic books, lace and yet more chocolate. And as you slowly savour the taste of Belgian sustainable culture, enjoy a classic waffle that melts in your mouth.

Day 5 - Hellesylt

Day 5 - Geiranger

A flawless illustration of a small coastal Nordic village. Set on fertile ground between a deep fjord and high mountains, impressive waterfalls cascade through polished rock. Not only astoundingly exquisite, Hellesylt holds a long and rich history. Wind your way to sustainable Geiranger where lush vegetation grows, wild waterfalls flow and snow-covered mountains shelter deserted farms. Catch your breath as you walk on air at Geiranger Skywalk for the best views of Europe’s jewel of all fjords. Wherever you weave, you’ll find inner peace and preservation in this deeply sacred site of Mother Nature’s innocence and quiet.

Day 6 - Trondheim

Inspiring adventures await within seafood-rich fjords and fertile mountain ranges. Once the Viking capital, Trondheim continues to reign with its vibrant, academic city life. Discover the stylish Bakklandet, vast Nidaros Cathedral, the Gamle Bybro bridge and the river Nidelva where rainbow-coloured huts align. Venture through an abundance of wildlife and forests, gently sail, fish or seek a thrilling RIB adventure. Head for the skies; take the world’s northernmost tram to marvel at champion ski jumps, then return back to earth with a private organ concert. Sip spirited Norwegian aquavit at an elegant tasting as you connect with Trondheim’s fusion of history, adventure and innovation, surrounded by beautifully rich nature.

Day 7 - Molde

An aromatic scent will capture your senses in this city of roses. Perched on the edge of a fjord, extensive views of a stunning 222 snow-clad mountains further heightens Molde’s appeal. Absorb the sounds of jazz as you ramble amongst rose gardens discovering art, folk museums, nature paths and cycle trails. Take the high ‘Atlantic’ Road or drop deep underground into caves to reach the marble clad Troll Church. And as you enjoy freshly caught seafood in the crisp coastal air, you’ll understand the influence of Molde’s heady scent.

Day 9 - Leknes

Land in Leknes for dramatic landscapes and Viking ancestry. With a backdrop of turbulent Norwegian seas and soaring mountains, you can hike, helicopter or horse-ride to deep fjords and long beaches – home to a wide variety of seabirds. Safari by RIB, surf the world’s most northerly waves and scuba dive through coral reef waters – where otters and puffins reside or saunter through fishing villages sheltering colourful huts. Once you've built up a strong appetite, enjoy platters of smorgasbord accompanied by world-famous Norwegian lager or, perhaps, a wild berry wine.

Day 10 - Brønnøysund

Visit a pretty little town where even the ducks have homes built for them. Stroll through coastal street life taking in the bustling marina and a medieval church. Fly high to admire bobbing fishing boats and lighthouses in the shadow of rugged islands. Surprise at the bespoke duck houses and, when you sink into bed, be grateful for your own feathered nest.

Day 12 - Flåm

Nested deep between towering mountains are narrow valleys, a mile-deep fjord and a little village called Flåm. Surrounded by breathtaking beauty, visit the Borgund Stave Church museum or board the astonishing Flåmsbana train, often titled the world's most beautiful rail journey. Climb aboard and witness waterfalls, fjords and farms so remote you wonder how they got there. Fish, cycle or experience a RIB safari through the slender Nærøyfjord - part of the UNESCO world heritage - as you appreciate the surreal landscape. Head into the abyss on the dramatic Stegastein, or - for the less adventurous but no less curious - sip homemade specialties at the local brewery.

Day 13 - Bergen

Lovingly known as the ‘heart of the fjords’, this city nestled between seven mountains has plenty to live up to. Burrowed between the mighty Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord fjords – the biggest in Norway – the sensational beauty of Bergen is best appreciated from the top of the funicular, Fløibanen. Flightsee around the peak for a summit advantage to enjoy panoramic views of this city’s beauty. Hike to Fløyen or mountain bike to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Bryggen, before winding down to the sound of calming piano recitals honouring Edvard Grieg Troldhaugen. Raft, crab, kayak or head to a local farm. With lungs full of fresh air and hearts full of love, sink into seafood heaven at the historic fish market to consume mouth-watering Bergen fish soup, fish cakes and customary persetorsk.

Day 14 - Stavanger

Have a sensory delight in this thriving fishing port - with a million brush strokes of colour and some of the best restaurants in the country. Once you’ve dined in style, wander around the historic buildings of Gamle Stavanger, where traditional white wooden houses sit amongst galleries and craft stores. Amble along to cheerful Øvre Holmegata street - known as ‘The Street of Colours’ - where endless colours coat every building. Cruise along the Lysefjord, say grace at the Utstein Monastery and hover by helicopter above a structure forming rainbows. Your only judgement for the day will be whether the paintings that adorn the walls, doors and even the buses outshine the Michelin-starred fine dining.

Day 15 - Skagen

Nature will look after you in northern-most Skagen. Celebrated by artists tempted by the reputation as Denmark’s most beautiful place and its enchanting light, local communities and nature blend to provide alluring combinations of white beaches, yellow houses and red fishermans’ huts to eat in. Amble through the relaxed atmosphere to see a WWII German bunker, Renaissance era Voergaard Manor, a marooned church and historical museums which house legendary paintings. With nature taking centre stage again, watch unique migratory birds overhead as you stand in Grenen, where the Baltic and North Sea meet. Slowly savour the magical light that plays over Skagen – the only place where you can stand in two seas at once.

Day 16 - Copenhagen

Rejoice in one of the happiest and most vibrant capital cities in the world. Relax like a local alongside joyful Danes and varied culture; the Gefion Fountain, the Little Mermaid statue, Old Citadel, the Amalien Palace with four Rococo buildings, medieval history, charming fishing villages, leading examples of sustainable living and - of course - flaky Danish pastries. Cycling is the preferred way to shuttle across town and it’s well worth the pedal to enjoy the trendy, cosy neighbourhood of Norrebro, Christiansborg Palace and the waterfront home of Christian Andersen. Genuine, vibrant and welcoming... rather like the smiles of those that live here.

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