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Islands of Global Sophistication & Natural Charm

Indulge in a cruise that seamlessly combines sophistication and natural charm as you voyage from San Juan to idyllic destinations such as Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, Saint Kitts, and more. Experience elegance amidst nature's beauty.

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6 nights

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Waterfront In Bridgetown Barbados

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The Caribbean is a tangled embrace of exotic and tropical, international sophistication and natural charm. No place is this allegory more evident than in San Juan, the shining star of the Caribbean.

Famous for blonde beaches, emerald forests, and the colourful Spanish-Colonial village of Old San Juan. Explore dark dungeons in El Morro Fortress or step across the fair threshold of Casa Blanca, the home of Ponce de Leon. The setting sun sears into your heart and horizon as we navigate towards Virgin Gorda, a curiously wondrous island in the BVI, where everything is extraordinary. Explore the behemoth black boulders at The Baths or venture to one of the 24 nearby islands including Anegada, the resting point of many a fish-filled sunken ship. The fertile islands of St. Kitts & Nevis include the largest fortress ever built in the Western Caribbean at Brimstone Hills, whilst adjacent Nevis features the birthplace of America’s founding father, Alexander Hamilton, and namesake of one of Broadway’s most successful productions. Like a romantic point on the map, Antigua & Barbuda are where the Atlantic and Caribbean seas converge.

Let us fly you to Barbuda’s 27-kilometre beach that is one of the world’s most ravishing stretches of pink-tinged coast as well as the Caribbean’s largest rookery of the fabled frigate birds that winter here before returning to the Galapagos. Wonders never cease in St. Vincent, not far from our anchorage at Kingston, which leads to the oldest botanic gardens in the western hemisphere (preceded by the Kew Gardens in London). Established in 1765, some of its early propagators include William Bligh, made famous from the Mutiny on the Bounty, who brought breadfruit tree seeds from Tahiti. Even several members of the British Royal Family have planted a tree in the Garden recently. Like the captivating swell of an ocean wave, the tempo of this journey builds to its grand finale in Barbados, an island of infinite wonders, that is an adored British outpost.

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Islands of Global Sophistication & Natural Charm Itinerary

Day 1 - San Juan

Explore the oldest US city for a dose of Caribbean history, slice of Spanish culture and twist of American dream. Roam historic Old San Juan alleyways to glimpse centuries-old forts and colourful colonial buildings. Learn how to move, as locals sashay out the salsa to rhythmic reggae beats. Shop the boho streets or glamorous boutiques for artisan goods, decadent designers and hand-rolled cigars. Experience world-class surfing, explore a tropical rainforest, attend a private rum cocktail tasting and polish off empanadas. Then retire to one of the beautiful beaches to soak up crystal clear waters and, perhaps, one last rum cocktail.

Day 2 - Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

Slip into a tranquil, tropical paradise of sparkling waters, coral reefs and powder white beaches. Switch off and slowly shop, swim, snorkel and sip within the peace of sand, sea and sky. Sink into a beachside boulder-forming pool at The Baths, admire spectacular villas scattered on the Great Mountain, sit back on a safari bus ride or sunbathe aboard a catamaran. Prepare to be mesmerised by this softly lit, sun-drenched heaven.

Day 3 - Basseterre, Saint Kitts

Formed by volcanoes, St Kitts fertile soil is so rich it turns monkeys green. Trek through miles of rainforest amongst colourful wildlife to conquer the highest peak of Mount Liamuiga so you can peer into the mile-wide crater, or bravely descend to sniff the sulphur. Experience a train ride, sailing trip, cooking class, sky safari zip-line, or creative batik fabric workshops. Visit sugarcane plantations, the Narrows between St Kitts and Nevis and the UNESCO Brimstone Hill Fortress for spectacular views of neighbouring islands. You’ll find this special island small in size yet tall in standing, as well as big on charm.

Day 4 - Saint John's

An adrenaline rush awaits. Swim with stingrays. Zip-line through lush forests. Walk across a gorge on a scenic suspension bridge. Sip excellent aged rums. Taste the island with a chef. Or stroll St. St. John's old town to tour cottages laden with cheerful fretwork. Explore British forts atop Shirley Heights and Goat Hill. Then rest and rejuvenate with VIP reservations at one of Anguilla’s snow-white beaches and enjoy a cozy lounger and rum drinks.

Day 6 - Kingstown

Wander into the quiet laid-back charm of historical St Vincent. Explore Fort Charlotte, the ancient Botanic Gardens - sanctuary to the endangered Amazon parrot - and hike the lush Vermont Valley for views of banana farms and rainforests. Feel the wind in your sails aboard a schooner or dip in to race seahorses, spot barracuda and admire leaping sea frogs. Watch welcoming Vincentians gently fry jackfruit and lace fruit punch with rum in this sultry tropical wonderland. And with such a backdrop, it’s easy to understand why The Pirates of the Caribbean movie was shot here.

Day 7 - Bridgetown

Gently breeze into the vibrant capital of Barbados. Steeped in fascinating history, with architecture to match, uncover the wonderfully laid-back West Indian ambiance. Embrace the slow Bajan rhythm of this welcoming island; surf, snorkel and try spotting turtles in balmy azure waters. Explore subterranean Harrison’s Cave, Jacobean St Nicholas Abbey and zipline high above bountiful tropical flora. Then return to restore on pastel pink sands at palm-studded beaches, where you’ll discover cocktail hour is endless, and measures of rum are copious.


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