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Grand Sweden Gota Canal Cruise

A unique 7-night holiday exploring Sweden's picturesque Gota Canal from Gothenburg to Stockholm, visiting scenic lakes and historic towns, with return flights from the UK

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7 nights from £2799pp

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Gota Canal
Drottningholm Palace
Stegeborg Fortress

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Let this unique cruise aboard the MS Diana or MS Wilhelm Tham transport you back to the relaxed and leisurely way of travelling of the late 19th century when the journey was as important as the destination. And to make sure that you don’t miss anything, the ship is moored every night during the Grand Sweden Cruise to allow you to enjoy the entire route in daylight.

During these stops, you also have the opportunity to join guided tours to such attractions as Läckö Castle, Vadstena Castle, and Birka, the Viking City, to learn more about Sweden and its history, with plenty of time for independent exploration.

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Gota Canal - The Grand Sweden Cruise Itinerary

Day 1-2 - Gothenburg (Sweden)

Begin today with a flight from London to Stockholm. Upon arrival transfer to central station and board a high-speed, scenic rail journey destined for Gothenburg, offering breathtaking views along the way. In Gothenburg, overnight at a centrally located 4-star hotel where you can unwind and prepare for the cruise ahead. The following morning, as the sun rises, transfer to your ship at Packhuskajen 10, where the old Customs House awaits. Here begins a cruise filled with historical locks, such as Lilla Edet's Ströms lock, a testament to Sweden's rich past. Explore Trollhättan's impressive lock staircase, a marvel of engineering that has stood the test of time since 1916.Take a moment to delve into the captivating history of the Trollhättan Canal at the museum housed in a storehouse from 1893. For those seeking a deeper connection with the past, an optional guided walk through the park, adorned with lock staircases from 1800 and 1844, awaits.Your journey continues to Vänersborg, where the Brinkebergskulle lock showcases the perfect blend of history, featuring the oldest lock from 1752 and a modern counterpart from 1916. This overnight stop allows you to savor the tranquility of the surroundings before the next leg of your adventure. With this enriched beginning, your cruise through Gothenburg promises not only historical wonders but also a seamless travel experience from London to the heart of Sweden's maritime treasures.

Day 3 - Lake Vanern and Lacko Castle

Depart from Vänersborg early morning. Cruise on Lake Vänern, Sweden’s largest lake, situated 44 meters above sea level and the third largest in Europe. Explore Läckö Castle on a promontory in Lake Vänern, built in 1298 and transformed into Baroque style during the mid-17th century. Enter the first of the 58 narrow locks in the Göta Canal at Sjötorp. Visit the Sjötorp Canal Museum and enjoy a walk along the locks. Pass a lock system consisting of four locks at Godhögen–Hajstorp övre, inaugurated in 1822 and moor for the night at Hajstorp. Explore the surroundings, including the Canal Engineer’s former home and the old smithy.

Day 4 - The Berg Canal and Lake Viken

Depart from Hajstorp early morning. Pass through Töreboda, where the railway line between Gothenburg and Stockholm crosses the canal. Navigate the Berg Canal, excavated in 1931-33 to straighten a sharp bend in the canal. At Lanthöjden, an obelisk marks the highest point of the Göta Canal at 91.5 meters above sea level. Visit Tåtorp with one of the canal’s two hand-operated locks built in 1814. Cruise on the beautiful Lake Viken, a water reservoir for the western section of the Göta Canal. Navigate through two narrow, wood-lined passages and small lakes at Spetsnäs Canal, inaugurated in 1824. Explore Forsvik, one of Sweden’s most interesting industrial communities, with a lock built in 1813 and an impressive iron bridge. Pass Karlsborg and glimpse the fortress built in 1819-1909. Cruise on Lake Vättern, Sweden’s second-largest lake, 89 meters above sea level. Visit the idyllic town of Vadstena, with its Abbey and Castle. Arrive at Motala, known as the Capital of the Göta Canal, visit the Motala Motor Museum and explore the surroundings.

Day 5 - Villages, aqueducts and locks

Depart from Motala early morning. Enjoy a beautiful morning walk from Motala to Borenshult, approximately 4 km. Experience the lock staircase at Borenshult, the second longest in the canal with five locks. Cruise on Lake Boren, 73 meters above sea level, connecting Borenshult and Borensberg. Visit the idyllic village of Borensberg with a hand-operated lock and the well-known Göta Hotel. Pass through the aqueduct at Kungs Norrby, built in 1993 and navigate the second aqueduct at Ljungsbro, built in 1970. Descend 40 meters in the lock system of Berg (15 locks) towards Lake Roxen. Explore Vreta Kloster church and convent remains. Experience the Carl Johan lock staircase, the longest in the canal with seven connected locks. Cruise on Lake Roxen, 33 meters above sea level. Pass through Norsholm lock, regulating the water level of Lake Roxen. Cruise on Lake Asplången, 27 meters above sea level. Arrive at Klämman for the night, a water regulating lock nestled between high hills.

Day 6 - Söderköping & Stegeborg Fortress

Depart from Klämman early morning. Pass through the eight locks from Carlsborg–Mariehov–Duvkullen, taking us down to Söderköping. Explore this idyllic town, founded in the early 1200s, with free time to explore. Visit the lock at Mem, the last one built in the canal in 1831-1832. Cross open water and weave through the archipelago. Explore the ruins of Stegeborg Fortress on a small island overlooking the bay of Slätbaken. Arrive at Sävsundet for the night, awaiting dawn at the old pilot station.

Day 7-8 - Drottningholm Palace & the Vikings of Birka

Depart from Sävsundet early morning. Pass through the lock in Södertälje, Scandinavia’s largest lock, inaugurated in 1924. Cruise on Lake Mälaren, located 0.3 meters above sea level. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Drottningholm Palace and visit the Viking community of Birka on the island of Björkö, with a guided tour and a visit to the Viking museum. Pass Drottningholm Palace, the most well-preserved royal castle built in the 1600s. Navigate the final lock at Hammarby, delivering us from Lake Mälaren into Saltsjön. Arrive at Stockholm, concluding our cruise at Skeppsbrokajen 103 in the historic Old Town. From here transfer to your centrally located 4-star hotel and fly home the following day.

Price Includes

  • 5-night full board cruise on the Gota Canal
  • Return flights from the UK
  • 2-night 4-star hotel stay including breakfast
  • Rail journey between Stockholm and Gothenburg
  • ABTA and ATOL bonded for your financial protection
  • Overseas transfers

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    • Jul 2nd - Gothenburg to Stockholm - Sailing on: Diana and Wilhelm Tham From: £2799
      Cat C 2 bed cabin with porthole window and bunk bed
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    • Aug 9th - Gothenburg to Stockholm - Sailing on: Diana and Wilhelm Tham From: £2799
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    • Aug 14th - Gothenburg to Stockholm - Sailing on: Diana and Wilhelm Tham From: £2799
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    • Aug 21st - Gothenburg to Stockholm - Sailing on: Diana and Wilhelm Tham From: £2799
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