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Land of Ice and Fire

Marvel at the beautifully stunning landscapes of Iceland, from the mud pools of Reykjavik to Iceland’s longest fjord in Akureyri on this 12-night no-fly cruise from Tilbury

No Fly Cruise
12 nights

Mid size Ship Holiday

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Shrouded in mystery, Iceland is one of the world’s most isolated countries – and also one of its most intriguing.

Its largely uninhabited landscape is a fascinating patchwork quilt of lush valleys, vast ice caps, breathtaking active volcanoes, lively geysers, bubbling mud pools and hot springs, whilst its capital Reykjavik is both charmingly quaint and remarkably cosmopolitan. Along the way, you will enjoy two visits to the equally remote – and equally absorbing – Faroe Islands, with their unique Viking culture and stunning land and seascapes.

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Land of Ice & Fire Itinerary

Day 1 - Tilbury

Embark your ship at London Tilbury.

Days 2-3 - At Sea

Spend two days at sea, enjoying the ship's facilities at your leisure.

Day 4 - Tórshavn

Enjoy the beauty of the largest (and capital) city of the Faroe Islands, Torshavn, with its marvellous multi-coloured houses.

Day 5 - At Sea

Day 6 - Reykjavík

Part-old Norse, part-modern city, Iceland’s capital is both quirky and cosmopolitan. Brightly coloured houses create unique streetscapes, whilst further afield vast lava fields, bubbling mud pools, crashing waterfalls, and spouting geysers will fire your imagination.

Day 7 - Isafjørdur

Two colossal terraces of sheer rock stand either side of this extraordinarily located town - which rides a jutting spit onto an immensity of black fjord water. Surprisingly, considering the remoteness of its location and its compact size, Isafjordur is a modern and lively place to visit, offering a great choice of cafes and delicious restaurants – which are well stocked to impress visitors. The town is a perfectly located base for adventures amongst Iceland's fantastic wilderness - with skiing, hiking and water-sports popular pursuits among visitors.

Day 8 - Akureyri

Akureyri enjoys a spectacular location at the head of Eyjafjordur, Iceland’s longest fjord, and is a visual delight with its colourful houses, beautifully tended lawns and the world’s northernmost botanical garden and golf course.

Day 9 - Seydisfjørdur

Seyðisfjörður, a beautiful 19th-century Norwegian village on the east coast of Iceland, is regarded by many as one of Iceland's most picturesque towns, not only due to its impressive environment, but also because nowhere in Iceland has a community of old wooden buildings been preserved so well as here. Poet Matthías Johannessen called Seyðisfjörður a 'pearl enclosed in a shell'. The community owes its origins to foreign merchants, mainly Danes, who started trading in the fjord in the mid-19th century. But the crucial factor in the evolution of the village was the establishment of the Icelandic herring fishery by Norwegians in 1870-1900. The Norwegians built up a number of herring-fishing facilities, and in a matter of years the little community grew into a boom town. Today, about 800 people live in Seyðisfjörður. The local economy has long been based on the fisheries, while light industry also flourishes. Tourism is playing a growing role, as the picturesque town in its spectacular surroundings attracts more and more visitors. The car/passenger ferry Norrøna, which plies between continental Europe and Iceland every summer, docks at Seyðisfjörður every Thursday. Seyðisfjörður has been a cosmopolitan community from its foundation, and the ferry service has contributed to ensuring that it remains so.

Day 10 - At Sea

Day 11 - Scrabster

Day 13 - Tilbury

Just 22 nautical miles down river from the Tower Bridge in London, Tilbury is a popular turnaround port for cruises visiting Baltic and Northern European destinations.

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