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The Best of Japan

Cruise in luxury to the heart of the Land of the Rising Sun, where highlights include the majestic Shinto Miyajima shrine, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and the ancient dwellings of the samurai

Luxury Holiday
Osaka temple
Torii Gate, Miyajima
Uwajima Castle
Mount Sakurajima, Kagoshima

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Reveal Japan's colourful past, where the Samurai warrior rubs shoulders with the subtlety of the geisha.

Sail from Osaka to the sun-drenched coastal city of Tamano. Visit Hiroshima whose moving memorials include the Peace Memorial Park and Genbaku Dome, and explore Miyajima, home to the majestic Shinto Shrine, whose entrance is guarded by the magnificent vermillion Torii Gate. In Nagasaki, remember the story of Madame Butterfly, the strains of which can still be heard in the narrow city streets, and the tragic events of WWII.

Admire the volcanic landscape of Kagoshima then head to tranquil Busan in South Korea. From Sakaiminato, discover medieval Japan and the sumptuous dwellings of the Samurai including Bukeyashiki, a marvellous testament to the golden age of the Edo dynasty.

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The Best of Japan Itinerary

Day 1 - Osaka (Japan)

Join your ship in Osaka, where the 16th-century Osaka Castle contrasts with the majestic skyscrapers.

Day 2 - Tamano

Located on the island of Honshu, hugging the banks of the Sento Inland Sea, Tamano is a popular destination thanks to its sun-drenched climate. Upon arrival, marvel at the way in which the city has been built along the coast at the foot of a deep, dark forest. In the area surrounding Tamano, stroll down the streets of Kurashiki, known as the 'white-walled city' in a nod to the pretty façades of the houses that line the streets of this ancient Edo-period trading town. Another major regional attraction is the Seto Ohashi bridge. Its 12.5 kilometres make it the world's longest double-decker bridge.

Day 3 - Hiroshima - Miyajima Island

Visiting Hiroshima is a moving experience. The town spreads along Honshu Island, along the inside coasts of Seto. While firmly focused on the future, Hiroshima doesn't forget its past, and a visit to the Peace Memorial Park and Genbaku Dome is a must. You'll enjoy the city's modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere and effervescent nightlife just as much as the peaceful stillness of its natural parkland areas such as splendid Shukkei-en, the town's historic garden. At the heart of the Inland Sea, Miyajima, the 'island sanctuary' will reveal its treasures. In the background you will see the Shinto Grand Sanctuary, whose entrance is guarded by a magnificent vermillion 'Torii'. Considered to be one of the most beautiful sites in the Japanese islands, you will be transported by the unique character and the serenity of this sacred site.

Day 4 - Uwajima

Located on the west coast of Shikoku island, Uwajima will delight lovers of history and traditional customs. The magnificent Uwajima Castle was built in the 17th-century by the powerful Date clan and has a beautiful ornamental garden and bridge. The much-visited Taga Shrine is dedicated to fertility and is full of phalluses. As for eating, you must taste jakoten, a local delicacy based on fried fish.

Day 5 - Kagoshima

The seaside city of Kagoshima, at the south of Kyushu Island, ᅠis best known for Sakurajima, an active volcano that faces Kinko Bay. A visit to this busy metropolis will remind you just how much the volcano is part of the inhabitants' everyday life: in the wake of the almost daily eruptions, a delicate layer of ash settles on everything. The top of a buried torii (traditional Japanese gate) measuring three metres that was 'swallowed up' by a giant lava flow in 1914 can still be seen. The power of nature will send a shiver down your spine.

Day 6 - Nagasaki

Located on the north-west coast of Kyushu, Nagasaki will impress you by its rich heritage. Despite the destruction in 1945, you can visit several ancient sites, including the beautiful 19th-century Catholic Church of Oura and its garden, the sanctuary of Suwa Shrine or several Buddhist temples. A visit to the Atomic Bomb Museum gives you insight into the extent of the damage caused by the nuclear attack.

Day 7 - Busan (South Korea)

With around four million inhabitants, Busan is the second largest metropolis on South Korea, after Seoul. This dynamic harbour city, located in the south-east, surrounded by the warm waters of the Sea of Japan, benefits from a mild, pleasant climate. You’ll find delightful simply to stroll around the lively streets and explore the city’s outstanding cultural heritage of art galleries, museums, and Buddhist sites, such as the Haedong Yonggungsa temple, which elegantly sits on the waterfront. Rich too in magnificent beaches and superlative natural landscapes, Busan’s peaceful atmosphere will win you over, as will its inhabitants, whom you’ll have the pleasure of meeting.

Day 8 - Sakaiminato (Japan)

Located on the south-west coast of Honshu Island, the busy fishing port of Sakaiminato celebrates the comic writer and artist Shigeru Mizuki, who was born here. As well as a museum a dedicated tourist route leads through streets and squares that feature 134 bronze statues representing his beloved characters. This isn't the only thing Sakaiminato has to offer; try some local seafood specialities and enjoy the stunning views of Mt Daisen and the Yumigahama peninsula.

Day 9 - Maizuru

Disembark ship in Maizuru.

The captain reserves the right to modify the itinerary.

Price Includes

  • 8-night full board yacht cruise
  • Open bar throughout cruise including fine wines, champagnes, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Fine dining in choice of restaurants on board ship
  • Captain's Welcome Cocktail and Farewell Dinner
  • Complimentary unlimited Wi-Fi on board

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  • Optional shore excursions
  • Personal expenses and gratuities
  • Travel insurance
  • Port charges and taxes

Cruise Extensions

  • Kyoto and Nara Extension Extend your holiday with a 2-night pre-cruise stay in Kyoto. Enjoy tours of ancient temples, tour the geisha district of Kyoto, join a seated Zen meditation session, take part in a Japanese tea ceremony and explore Nara. Please contact us for more details

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