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Islands of Desire

Embark on a Caribbean odyssey from Bridgetown, through the picturesque Saint Pierre, vibrant Basseterre, tranquil Samaná, concluding with the sun-soaked allure of Miami, Florida. Experience the epitome of tropical luxury and adventure!

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7 nights

Luxury Holiday
Samana Dominican Republic
Bridgetown Early Evening

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Glorious islands as far as the eye can see; idylls as popular as Martinique or undiscovered as Ocean Cay and as romanticised as St. Kitts. No island of consequence escapes our attention. No harbour too remote for us to find.

We sail from bustling Bridgetown to trace a volcanic arc of archipelagos and find Saint Pierre rising on the horizon like a vision. Coquettishly French and charmingly Creole, you’ll warm to the same light that inspired Gauguin. Lush, dramatic, pristine, Basseterre beckons with rivers that thunder, hikes that climb into a volcanic caldera and mischievous vervet monkeys faintly tinted green. As close to heaven as a beating heart will allow; Samana draws us with her beauty and hopeful sightings of humpback whales.

A magical experience on an almost mythical island; Ocean Cay is exclusive, environmental sensitive, and luxuriously sustainable. Our private MSC Marine Reserve wraps you in the unprecedented reality of a true island paradise.

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Islands of Desire Itinerary

Day 1 - Bridgetown

Gently breeze into the vibrant capital of Barbados. Steeped in fascinating history, with architecture to match, uncover the wonderfully laid-back West Indian ambiance. Embrace the slow Bajan rhythm of this welcoming island; surf, snorkel and try spotting turtles in balmy azure waters. Explore subterranean Harrison’s Cave, Jacobean St Nicholas Abbey and zipline high above bountiful tropical flora. Then return to restore on pastel pink sands at palm-studded beaches, where you’ll discover cocktail hour is endless, and measures of rum are copious.

Day 2 - Saint Pierre

Embrace Martinique’s natural joie de vivre. Volcanic in origin, Gallic in heritage and Creole at heart; explore old sugar plantations, premium rum distilleries, cocoa farms and St Pierre ruins at the foothills of the still smouldering Mont Pelée. Chase the Saut du Gendarme waterfall, explore the 10 million-year-old Caravelle peninsula, roam northern beach dusky sands and visit Le Carbet made famous by the artist Gauguin. And as you slow down to contemplate the sweet concoction of the national punch, you’ll understand why the Creole and French blend makes Martinique so magical.

Day 3 - Basseterre, Saint Kitts

Formed by volcanoes, St Kitts fertile soil is so rich it turns monkeys green. Trek through miles of rainforest amongst colourful wildlife to conquer the highest peak of Mount Liamuiga so you can peer into the mile-wide crater, or bravely descend to sniff the sulphur. Experience a train ride, sailing trip, cooking class, sky safari zip-line, or creative batik fabric workshops. Visit sugarcane plantations, the Narrows between St Kitts and Nevis and the UNESCO Brimstone Hill Fortress for spectacular views of neighbouring islands. You’ll find this special island small in size yet tall in standing, as well as big on charm.

Day 5 - Samaná

A heavenly haven of sun-dappled beaches wrapped in majestic mountains and immersed in lively Hispanic culture. Snorkel, sail, sunbathe, enrol in a local cooking class, or climb and hike through scenic trails in verdant mountains. Pick up some pace to head further offshore by speed boat or use a quad bike to explore little Latino towns, The Mangrove Forest and the caves of Los Haitises National Park. Then re-hydrate and re-vitalise with freshly cracked coconut water as you tumble into sugar-white sands stroked by crystal-clear waters.

Day 7 - Ocean Cay, MSC Marine Reserve

Wander into the reality of a serene Bahamian dream. Alluring, exclusive and eco-friendly, an escape to this island marine reserve is possibly the world’s most coveted invite. Slowly snorkel, gently paddle board or glide over aquamarine waters by boat. Wonder at marine life and nature in its natural habitat, visit the marina, lighthouse, lagoon and pastel-hued buildings. Recline for a beachside massage, settle into a lazy lunch, sip endless rum cocktails and sink into powdery white sands cooled by the soothing sways of palm leaves. If paradise was packaged, this island might be the finest gift.

Day 8 - Miami, Florida

Welcome to Miami and the sweep of South Beach - backdrop to every iconic Miami movie, and forefront of Latin American culture. Stroll through pastel-hued geometric buildings in the art deco district, to graffiti mural masterpieces at Wynwood Walls. Watch Latino life unfold in Little Havana - the heartbeat of this great city - where walk-up windows sell café cortadito, sweet sugarcane juice, hatuey beer and guava ice-cream. Watch passionate locals discuss politics, play dominoes and smoke cigars. Shimmy at a salsa class, shop designer boutiques and race marlin and sharks by speedboat. Then slow your pace to uncover rare and endangered species at the Everglades National Park outdoor oasis. You’ll find the Miami dream is real – and it’s not just Cuban heels that will give you a spring in your step.


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