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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Norway

Tuesday 17th May 2022

With its stunning scenery, impressive wildlife, endless summer days and magical winter nights, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Cruise into breath-taking fjords, visit picturesque coastal towns, and cross the Arctic circle to witness natural phenomena – this is a destination that has something to offer everyone, and here’s our top 10 reasons to visit Norway.

The Northern Lights The Northern Lights Geirangerfjord Midnight Sun at the North Cape Polar Bears in Svalbard Atlantic Puffins Reindeer Dog Sledding Snowmobiles Bergen Amazing Photo Opportunities Norwegian Cuisine The Snow Hotel The Flam Railway
  1. The Northern Lights

    The highlight of visiting Norway during the winter months is undoubtedly the chance of seeing the magical Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), venture onto an amazing Hurtigruten 6-night Winter Voyage North where you will have a chance to see this. Cruise north above the Arctic Circle, away from light pollution, between early October and late March for the best displays of this majestic natural phenomenon dubbed the “greatest light show on earth”.

  2. Norwegian Fjords

    Norway boasts over a thousand spectacular fjords along its coast, many of which are recognised by UNESCO as places of outstanding natural beauty. Formed when glaciers retreated and seawater flooded the valleys, these dramatic fjords are even more exceptional when viewed from the water, cruising through the mountainous landscape past cascading waterfalls. Cruise between early June and late August to visit the world-famous Geirangerfjord. Embark on Ambassador’s 7-night Summertime Fjordland cruise so you can enjoy more than one!

  3. The Midnight Sun

    From June to September, above the Arctic Circle comes the perpetual day light of the midnight sun – another incredible natural event. A ship at sea is the perfect place to enjoy the midnight sun’s enchanting golden glow, appearing like a burning sunset in the middle of the night. Take an excursion to the North Cape, Norway’s most northerly point, where with nothing but open sea between you and the North Pole, you will experience this at it’s finest. Fred. Olsen offer a spectacular 9-night Arctic Fjords and Midnight Sun cruise where you will cross the Arctic Circle and see the Midnight Sun.

  4. Wildlife

    The abundance of exciting wildlife is reason alone to visit Norway, from polar bears in the Svalbard Archipelago to Arctic foxes, herds of reindeer and humpback whales on the Norwegian Coast. A bird-lovers’ paradise, Norway is also home to over 500 different species including the Atlantic puffin and white-tailed eagle – our top tip is not to forget your binoculars or your camera! Snap some pics of polar bears on Silversea’s awe-inspiring 6-night Longyearbyen cruise.

  5. Winter Activities

    A true winter wonderland, Norway offers a whole host of different excursions with options to suit everyone. Thrill seekers can enjoy the chance to snowmobile into the Arctic wilderness, dog sled over a frozen lake, or even snowshoe into the mountains. For those looking for a more immersive experience, there are visits to local Sami communities, king crab and ice fishing excursions, or the opportunity to enjoy a midnight concert at the Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø on Ambassador’s 14-night cruise, “Norway’s Land of the Northern Lights”.

  6. Colourful Coastal Towns and Cities

    Along its hundreds of miles of coastline Norway has endless colourful coastal towns and cities, brimming with charming architecture and interesting museums, and providing a mix of modern and traditional cultures, join Ponant on their 7-night voyage and soak-up all its beauty. Some of the most popular include Bergen with its UNESCO listed Hanseatic Wharf, the Art Nouveau town of Ålesund, ancient Trondheim and the arctic capital of Tromsø.

  7. Amazing Photo Opportunities

    Norway’s dramatic landscapes, ever-changing seasons and wealth of wildlife make the country a photographer’s dream. Whether you are cruising through narrow fjords or arriving into a traditional port, there is always a perfect photo opportunity. With light pollution minimised at sea, a cruise offers the best setting to take perfect photographs of the majestic Northern Lights or golden Midnight Sun landscapes. Snap some pics of the beautiful Aurora Borealis on Havila’s spectacular 11-night cruise, “Norway Coast Round Voyage”.

  8. Norwegian Food

    Many people think of fish when they think of Norwegian cuisine and whilst king crab, salmon and Atlantic cod are local delicacies that must be sampled, Norway also offers a number of other taste sensations. Favourites include reindeer stews, moose cakes, the infamous Brunos, which is a delicious Norwegian sweet cheese, vafler (Norwegian waffles) and lingonberry or cloudberry creams.

  9. The Unique Snow Hotel

    Re-sculpted every year from only snow and ice, the Snow Hotel in Kirkenes really is one of the most unique hotels on earth. Amazingly it isn’t just the exterior that is made of ice; the beds, the bar, the décor and even the fire place are also hewn from compact snow! Take an excursion to visit the hotel and enjoy a traditional crowberry shot in Norway’s largest ice bar, or if you are feeling brave, spend a night in one of the magnificent snow suites to claim some serious bragging rights.

  10. The World’s Most Beautiful Railway

    Described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, offers breath-taking panoramic views of deep blue fjords. Travelling from sea level, this magnificent feat of engineering takes you past snow-capped mountains, lush meadows and impressive waterfalls, to its end point 867 metres above sea level in just one hour.

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