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Highlights of Buenos Aires

Wednesday 22nd Feb 2023

Football lovers, foodies, and shopaholics unite as we tell you all about one of South America’s greatest gems, Buenos Aires. This thriving cosmopolitan city has so much to offer from world-class steak to the unforgettable Tango tradition, you will never be bored when in this bustling corner of the world.

La Boca, Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Skyline The Tango Ushuaia, Patagonia Tierra del Fuego Argentina is the gateway to the Antarctic Peninsula


If football is your passion, you’re in luck, as with at least 24 professional teams, Buenos Aires has the largest number of teams per city. Football is considered a way of life here rather than just a sport, and watching a football match here would be an unforgettable experience, whether you’re a football fan or not. Football brings the locals together and creates an atmosphere full of passion which is truly amazing to see. One of the most notable teams is Boca Juniors, located in the La Boca neighbourhood which is considered a mecca for football lovers and after Argentina just winning the 2022 Football World Cup, there is no better place right now than Buenos Aires to experience the rich football culture.


Shop until your heart is content at one of the many boutiques and high-end shops that can be found in a number of trendy neighbourhoods that reside within the city. From well-crafted leather to high quality jewellery, there truly is something for everyone. Beautifully-designed shopping centres and colourful market places are everywhere.

Food and drink

Foodies never fear, the streets of Buenos Aires are lined with independent restaurants and cafes so a refreshment is never far when you’re here. The city is famed for its delectable steak houses which are found at practically every corner, serving some of the world’s best beef from sirloin to ribeye. The list does not end there however, the culinary genius here is endless and you can also find Spanish, Italian, and French cuisine among the many Argentinian spots. Additionally, the waiters know a thing or two about wine and will always find the perfect one to accompany your meal.

Historic sites

The history in Buenos Aires is extensive and interesting and there are many places for you to learn about it. Recoleta is an affluent area known for its Paris-style housing and buildings. Recoleta graveyard is a must-see with its extravagant tombs where national icons lay to rest. Recoleta is also home to the National Museum of Fine Arts where you can view breath-taking exhibitions. These are just a few of the historical landmarks for you to visit, there is also a wealth of museums, Spanish colonial architecture, and statues to see.

The Plaza de Mayo is considered one of the most famous attractions in Buenos Aires, it’s a large public square which has many magnificent buildings placed around it. It is an integral part of the history of Buenos Aires as it has seen some of the city’s most important moments, including the Revolution of independence. You can take a tour here and learn in depth about the rich history from a local tour guide. The long list of the amazing qualities of Buenos Aires does not stop at the many onshore excursions that are available, it is also home to beautiful flora and fauna. It is located on the western shore of the Rio de la Plata, which is situated on the south eastern coast of South America.

The Tango dance

Buenos Aires is rich with culture and one of its favourite past-times is the tantalizing Tango dance. The Tango is a big part of Argentinian life and Buenos Aires is at the heart of it; many of the residents have spent years perfecting it and it is performed city-wide in restaurants, theatres, and even on the streets! The dance was once associated with immigrants, gangsters, and the lower class but it has now become a world-wide favourite and is performed everywhere. Dancing this famous dance in its country of origin is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Flora and fauna

There are endless purple Jacaranda trees and colourful flowers which can be found in the heart of this metropolis city, as well as lots of different animals such as llamas, alpacas, sloths, foxes, pumas, deer, and the national bird of Argentina, the rufous hornero.

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