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Norway Through the Seasons

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Cruising is the perfect way to experience Norway’s contrasting seasons. Hurtigruten’s small ships have been sailing the breathtaking Norwegian coastline for 125 years and continue to offer daily voyages all year round. The fantastic 11-night voyage from Bergen cruises along the entire Norwegian coast north to Kirkenes and back, calling at an incredible 34 ports. Ports visited by night on the northbound route are seen by day on the southbound journey, ensuring guests see the very best of the dramatic Norwegian landscape.

Voyage in search of the spectacular Northern Lights, experience the Arctic Awakening as daylight returns along the coast in Spring, enjoy the incredible natural phenomenon of the Midnight Sun in Summer, and in Autumn the colours of the landscape changes to vivid shades of reds, yellows and oranges dominating the skyline. Each voyage is accompanied by a fantastic range of optional shore excursions, tailored to match the season of cruises including dog sledging, snowmobiling, kayaking, and a visit to the North Cape.

Richard With in GeirangerfjordFinnmarken under the Midnight Sun


Northern LightsSnowmobiling

Without question, Winter is the most special time to experience Norway. The bright white snow reflects the polar twilight, homes glow along the shoreline and there is the opportunity to witness the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Northern Norway is one of the best places in the world to observe the phenomenon. Above the Arctic Circle there is an Auroral Zone meaning you are more likely to witness them, and not just once, but multiple times. Cruising through the night with the Northern Lights dancing in the sky above is a moving and memorable experience.

The towns and cities scattered along the coast host enchanting Christmas Markets, brimming with local crafts and regional specialities. A visit to one of these is sure to get you in the festive spirit and gifts make the perfect keepsakes.

The vast white Arctic tundra lends itself to thrilling excursions, including dog sledding through the wilderness, snowmobiling and snowshoeing. As well as exciting adventures on land, you can take to the water in a Zodiac for a whale watching trip. Humpback whales migrate from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the much colder and icy waters of Norway in the winter to hunt for prey. The large supply of plankton and krill in the Norwegian waters attracts fish, making it a prime hunting ground for the whales.

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Alesund in the springKayaking near Tromso

After a long and dark winter, daylight returns and infuses new life along the coast. The sun begins to melt the snow on top of the majestic peaks, rivers re-emerge and waterfalls cascade through the verdant scenery. Temperatures are mild with highs of 14 degrees. However, in the far north above the Arctic Circle, winter still reigns and it is possible to enjoy exciting excursions including snowmobiling and dog sledding. The magical Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights may also make an appearance. This fascinating contrast between north and south means you can experience more than more season during a springtime voyage.

The flora and fauna is incredible during the spring. Flowers including crocuses and daffodils are in full bloom and bring an injection of colour, while puffins breed on the cliffs dotted along the coast. Redwings, Chaffinches and Sparrowhawks make the short migration from the rugged shores of Great Britain back to Norway. After spending the winter months under the South African sun, Swallows make the long and often hazardous journey to Norwegian shores.

The milder temperatures mean outdoor pursuits are extremely popular, including kayaking, guided hikes and city walking tours. Hikes allow you to enjoy birds eye views of the awe-inspiring fjordland scenery, while city tours showcase the main sights. It is also possible to experience national celebrations. The 17th May is Norway Day and parades take place in the towns and cities along the coast.

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Midnight SunSea Eagle Safari

Summer is one of the most popular times to cruise the Norwegian coastline which is illuminated under the Midnight Sun, an incredible natural phenomenon. It brings perpetual daylight along the entire coastline and endless sun north of the Arctic Circle which many believe to be energising.

Cruising into the fjords is a breathtaking experience as the hillsides glow and waterfalls are at their peak, delivering winter’s snow melt into the sea. The picture-postcard scenery is reflected in the tranquil waters below, and kayaking trips are a unique way to take it all in.

Sea eagles can often be seen soaring in the skies above and sea eagle safaris in purpose-built Zodiacs are the perfect way to get up close to these majestic birds, the largest birds of prey in Europe. On land, Finnmark’s Sami herders bring their reindeer back to summer grazing grounds closer to the coast. It is also possible to see sperm whales in the waters off Andoya in the Vesteralen Islands.

Summer is the high season for festivities. Saint John’s Eve on the 23rd June observes the birth of Saint John the Baptist and marks the summer solstice. Once the sun is low on the horizon, bonfires are lit up and down the coastline into the early hours of the morning, an incredible sight. There are also several food fairs during the summer, showcasing the delicious regional produce, and outdoor concerts, making for an unforgettable voyage.

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Norway in the autumnHiking in Tromso

Autumn is a season of colour as vivid reds, yellows and oranges dominate the woods and mountainsides, a striking contrast to the azure blue skies. The soaring peaks receive their first dusting of snow and the days begin to get shorter. With longer nights, there is the chance to see the mesmerising Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Autumn is a more peaceful time to enjoy a Norway cruise as the summer crowds have subsided. You can take in the kaleidoscope of colours and abundant nature at a much gentler pace. Hiking is extremely popular as temperatures are mild and you are rewarded by outstanding views.

The traditional farming communities dotted along the coast are reaping the rewards of a glorious summer. Harvest time means an array of seasonal delicacies to try including mushrooms and cloudberries, which often feature heavily on menus in the cafes and restaurants ashore, as well as in meals onboard.

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