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The World's Most Beautiful Voyage with Hurtigruten

Tues 31 Jan 2017

Hurtigruten has been sailing Norway’s breathtaking coast every day for 123 years and they are as much a part of the stunning landscapes as the ancient fjords themselves. The journey along the Norwegian coastline has been labelled by Lonely Planet as 'The World's Most Beautiful Voyage' and right now on the 11-night Round Voyage you can save £325pp on the Basic package or upgrade to the Select package from just £150pp and receive free flights. There has never been a better time to book, but just when is the best time to travel?

Explore Norway with Hurtigruten Cruise into breathtaking fjords Cruise along the Norwegian coastline in the spring Experience Norway in the autumn Cruise the breathtaking Geirangerfjord Choose from a range of exciting excursions You may be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on an autumn voyage Cruise into breathtaking fjords

Spring – In spring, each day brings a noticeable increase in daylight hours as the sun returns and springtime colours infuse the Norwegian landscape. At the higher latitudes of the Arctic region, winter struggles to maintain its grip although the snow caps still decorate the mountaintops of the north and the cascading waterfalls thunder with the snowmelt. The trees and flowers are coming back to life and covered in blossom, giving a completely different look to the scenery.

Summer – The 'Land of the Midnight Sun' lives up to its name in summer - brilliant sunshine through the clear Arctic air bathes the shores, fjords and mountains in reds, soft pinks and golden yellows complementing the deep green of the forests. 24-hour daylight gives extra time to explore the picture-perfect coastline and take advantage of the warmer weather with superb optional excursions including mountain hiking with your own husky, kayaking along the coast and horse riding on white sandy beaches.

Autumn – As summer fades, a hundred different shades of reds, oranges and gold fill the mountainsides, hilltops and forests and from the deck you can see a sprinkling of early snow on the peaks. For a nature lover or a keen photographer it is an amazing experience. Gradually, the evenings get darker and the days shorter and the Northern Lights might appear, as the longer hours of darkness form the perfect backdrop for nature’s most spectacular show.

Each Hurtigruten ship has a distinct character and no two journeys will ever be the same as the changing seasons, flora and fauna, local people you meet and the friendly English speaking crew make each voyage a different experience. Hurtigruten has recently refurbished the ships sailing the rugged and beautiful Norwegian coast with a modern Scandinavian look, reflecting the coastal landscapes of the Arctic with inspiration drawn from the spectacular nature outside. Whatever time of year you choose to travel to Norway, all sailings with Hurtigruten are unique and will awaken the explorer within you.

Save £325pp on the Basic package
Upgrade to the Select package from just £150pp and receive FREE FLIGHTS!

Basic Package Includes:


Upgrade to the Select Package and benefit from:

  • 11-night full-board cruise (cabin allocated on arrival)
  • Return flights from the UK
  • Overseas transfers
  • 11-night full-board cruise (choice of cabin)
  • FREE return flights from the UK
  • Overseas transfers
  • Choice of preferred dining time
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

Spring Round Voyage
Departs daily from
1 Apr to 31 May 2017

Norway in Spring

Basic Package
from £1119pp

Select Package
from £1349pp

Summer Round Voyage
Departs daily from
1 Jun to 31 Aug 2017

Midnight Sun

Basic Package
from £1679pp

Select Package
from £1935pp

Autumn Round Voyage
Departs daily from
1 Sept to 30 Sept 2017

Norway in the Autumn

Basic Package
from £1298pp

Select Package
from £1575pp

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