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Burgundy and Provence Cuisine

Fri 26th April 2013

The South of France is renowned for its gastronomic delights and magnificent vineyards. We have put together our favourite menus from Burgundy and Provence.

Burgundy vineyardsCheese and wine


Burgundy boasts terraced vineyards, magnificent chateaux and breathtaking scenery. You can visit the city of Dijon which is renowned for its mustard, the charming town of Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy and the historic city of Auxerre, home to the 13th-century cathedral of Saint Etienne.

The cuisine in Burgundy is renowned for its rich flavour, mainly due to the region’s red wines and the Charollais cattle, one of the world’s best breeds.


Provence boasts picturesque lavender fields, charming villages and historic treasures. You can visit the city of Arles with its historic Roman amphitheatre, Avignon, home to the impressive Palais de Papes and the cultural city of Marseille.

The cuisine in Provence is renowned for its Mediterranean flavour, from fresh fish caught along the coast to vegetables and herbs in the north.


Here are our favourite Burgundy and Provence dishes:

Our favourite menu from Burgundy

Our favourite menu from Provence


Escargots – Snails are usually cooked in garlic and parsley butter and can be served in an escargot dish

Jambon Persille – This is a potted ham hock with parsley which is served cold


Soupe au Pistou – This is a vegetable soup made with pasta, celery, carrots, garlic and pistou (a sauce)

Salade Nicoise – A salad originating from Nice made with fresh vegetables and optional fish


Coq au Vin – A popular chicken dish with mushrooms, lardoons, garlic and red Burgundy wine

Boeuf Bourguignon – This is a famous beef dish in the region made with red Burgundy wine, garlic, carrots, onions and mushrooms


Bouillabaisse – A fish and shellfish stew originating from Marseille, including haddock, cod and more!

Ratatouille (Not the film!) – This is a popular vegetable stew made with aubergines, courgettes, onions, peppers and garlic


Tarte Tatin – A delicious upside down apple tart topped with caramel which can be served with creme fraiche

Pain d’epices – This is spiced gingerbread and a speciality of Dijon, a city famous for its mustard


At Christmas, 13 desserts are served after the large supper, representing Jesus and his apostles. Flatbread is served with grape jam and broken by hand. There is a selection of fruit, two types of nougat (which represent good and evil) and biscotins


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