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Svalbard - Beyond The North Cape and Greenland

Explore the beautiful Arctic islands of Svalbard, before heading to the glistening glaciers and alpine fjords of Greenland and Iceland on this thrilling expedition cruise from Tromso, with Zodiac landings

Cruise Only
25 nights

Luxury Expedition Holiday
  • North Cape
  • Skarsvag, Norway
  • Longyearbyen, Svalbard
  • Svalbard
  • Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
  • Isafjordur, Iceland

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Discover outstanding natural beauty and bountiful wildlife on this luxury expedition cruise taking in Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland.

Join your ship in the Arctic capital of Tromso and cruise to Storstappen Island, a stunning natural reserve supporting colonies of seabirds. Continue to the pretty fishing village of Skarsvag, where there is the opportunity to travel to the North Cape Monument, passing the rock formation known as the Horn, sacred to the Sami people. Later, the ship will cruise the famous North Cape.

Enjoy a visit to Bear Island, renowned for its birdlife, before spending thirteen days exploring the islands of Svalbard. During the summer months, the landscape is illuminated under the glow of the Midnight Sun, and migratory birds arrive to nest and breed. Experience these islands on Zodiac landings and guided treks, and revel in the endless days of summer.

Jan Mayen is a remote island overlooked by the Beerenberg Volcano, while Scoresby Sound in Greenland is the longest fjord in the world and a haven for wildlife, including Arctic hares, foxes and lemmings. Stroll through the colourful town of Ittoqqortoormiit and observe the nesting seabirds on Vigur Island, before arriving in the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik.

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Svalbard - Beyond The North Cape and Greenland Itinerary

Day 1 - Tromso (Norway)

Embark your ship in Tromso.

Day 2 - Storstappen Island - Hornvika - Skarsvag - North Cape

Storstappen Island is a nature reserve, home to colonies of birds, from cormorants to shags and kittiwakes. It is a truly awe-inspiring sensory experience watching the birds flying overhead and listening to their calls and wingbeats. Continue to the fishing village of Skarsvag where there is the opportunity to board a watercraft and cruise to the cove of Hornvika, passing the Horn rock formation, sacred to the Sami people. On arrival at Hornvika cove, climb the stairway and follow the trail to the North Cape Monument. Head back to the ship by road. There is also the option to sail to Skarsvag and drive to the North Cape. Later, enjoy scenic cruising around North Cape.

Day 3 - At sea

Enjoy the facilities on board during a day at sea.

Day 4 - Sorhamna - Herwighamna

Despite its name, it is incredibly rare to see polar bears on Bear Island. The southern coast has sheer cliffs which provide sanctuary for breeding seabirds including kittiwakes and fulmars. Sorhamna is a cove and the perfect place to witness seabirds. Continue to Herwighamna, whose only inhabitants are manning the meteorological station.

Days 5-17 - Svalbard

The islands of Svalbard lie halfway between Norway's North Cape and the North Pole. Peaks soar above fjords and bays. During the summer months, the tundra is illuminated under the glow of the Midnight Sun, and migratory birds arrive to nest and breed. Reindeer graze the slopes and Arctic foxes watch the nursery edges. Polar bears patrol the shorelines and whales feed on the summer abundance. Dotted around are medieval whaling stations. You'll explore by Zodiac and on guided treks. There be a visit to Longyearbyen.

Days 18-19 - At sea

Enjoy the facilities on board during two days at sea.

Day 20 - Jan Mayen Island

The remote island of Jan Mayen is overlooked by the Beerenberg Volcano. The island has two parts - Nord-Jan and Sor-Jan. Apart from being used for meteorological and radio reasons, the island has remained untouched. In 2010, it was declared a natural reserve to protect the wildlife, including over 250,000 seabirds. It is also home to polar bears.

Day 21 - At sea

Enjoy the facilities during a day at sea.

Day 22 - Hekla Havn (Greenland) - Rode O

Scoresby Sund is one of the most remote regions on Earth and named in honour of English explorer William Scoresby. Wildlife includes muskox, foxes, Arctic hares and lemmings. Close to Hekla Haven, see vast expansive of tundra dotted with freshwater ponds. Rodefjord is renowned as an iceberg graveyard as glaciers become trapped in the shallows of the bay. Deep in Scoresby Sound you will discover Rodefjord, or Red Fjord. The ford is walled with Permian red sandstone cliffs, a striking contrast to the blue sky and white icebergs. Rode O is an island of the rock which is sometimes called New Red. On the island's southern shore is a small cave which should be accessible via Zodiac. You may be able to land on Rode Island.

Day 23 - Bear Island - Sydkap

At the top of Ofjord is a group of islands known as the Bear Islands. Sydkap at the northern end is set against a backdrop of the breathtaking Stauning Alps. Here you'll see icebergs which have run aground in the shallow water. Early settlers known as the Thlish culture created a settlement here and the ruins of their houses can still be seen. Cruise the northeastern coast of the fjord to a headland overlooking a bay. This is Sydkap or South Cape. On the headland are two huts which are still used by people hunting musk oxen or the nearby rivers. See the impressive icebergs and the the array of flora.

Day 24 - Ittoqqortoormiit

The Greenlandic town of Ittoqqortoormiit lies at the entrance to Scoresby Sund, the longest fjord in the world. Ittoqqortoormiit means 'Big-House Dwellers' in Greenlandic. See seal and polar bear skin drying on racks outside houses, and sled dogs eagerly awaiting winter. In the Post Office, you can buy Greenlandic stamps and post your postcards. Perhaps take a look inside the church which has a gabled interior, painted in white and blue.

Day 25 - Isafjordur (Iceland) - Vigur Island

According to Icelandic history, Isafjordur was first settled in the 9th century by Helgi Magri Hrolfsson. The oldest house in Iceland was built in 1734 and can be found in Isafjordur. It is now part of a museum. Continue to Vigur Island, the second largest island in the Westfjords, a remote and wild region. It is one of the most renowned areas in Iceland for observing nesting birds. You may also be lucky enough to spot an arctic fox.

Day 26 - Reykjavik

Disembark your ship in Reykjavik.

Due to the nature of this itinerary, landings and activities cannot be guaranteed. Each day, the Captain and Expedition Leader will determine the schedule based on water levels and weather conditions.

Price Includes

  • 25-night all-inclusive cruise
  • Complimentary premium spirits and fine wines available at all times
  • Welcome Champagne and complimentary in-suite bar stocked with your preferences
  • Open-seating dining in the restaurant
  • Activities including Zodiac cruising and guided hikes
  • Insightful lectures and Seabourn Conversations sessions with the expedition team
  • Tipping and gratuities
  • Taxes, fees and port charges

Price Does Not Include

  • International flights – we can arrange these for you
  • Overseas transfers
  • Optional shore excursions
  • Optional activities including kayaking and use of the submarines
Map for Svalbard - Beyond The North Cape and Greenland